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C&G 2395-01 Inspection & testing

City & Guilds 2395-01 - Level 3 Award in the Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations

This course replaces the 2391-10. It is a four day course for those who have previously completed a testing qualification (ie. the 2392-10 or the 2394-01).

If candidates have no previous testing experience then they are still able to take the course but are advised to attend our Introduction to 3 Phase course which will provide the necessary testing training required for the 2395-01 course.

This course is suitable for domestic installers and electricians who wish to carry out periodic inspections and testing plus associated certification.

Duration4 days

Cost£575 plus VAT [£690]

includes all City and Guilds examination fees and a buffet lunch each day

Special bundle price available for C&G 2394-01 plus 2395-01
£975 +VAT [£1170]
A saving of £175 +VAT!

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Mon 30 Jan 2017
Places available
Mon 10 Apr 2017
Places available

Booking for courses with written papers close 14 working days before course starts*

Written Paper

It is now possible to take the 2394 and 2395 written paper online *

This has the following advantages:

  • The paper can be scheduled on a date to suit you, no need to wait for the C&G scheduled evening exam dates
  • The results are returned much quicker, within one week so far, as opposed to up to 42 working days for the paper version
  • Short answers only - 1 to 2 sentences at the most, so reasonable typing skills are all that are required
  • If you fail, there is a 'breakdown report' that shows areas of weakness. With the paper version a pass/fail is the only feedback.

Other remarks by students who have already taken the online version are:

  • It's much less stressful
  • The questions are mostly 1 or 2 marks, so they seem easier
  • No diagrams to draw.

* If you wish to take the written paper online, let us know when booking.

If you prefer, the following manual written paper dates are coming up - please call for later dates

Wed 8 Feb 2017
Wed 19 Apr 2017

* The written examination takes place on set dates which do not always coincide with course weeks, therefore you may need to return at a later date to sit this part of the exam. Please phone the office if you require further details.

Course details

The course includes three examinable components:

   301 - online multiple choice exam with 40 questions
   302 - Practical Assessment
   303 - 2 hour written paper

In order to gain the qualification, candidates must pass all components.

Day one - Initial Verification revision and Periodic theory based on Part 3 of Guidance Note 3.

Day two - Periodic Inspection and Testing, paperwork and practical practice.

Day three - Written revision day covering a wide range of possible questions and exam technique plus 40 question online multiple choice exam (2395-301).

Day four - Practical Assessment (2395-302) and revision.

Some practical examinations may take place on a fifth day.

Candidates will need to return for the written examination (2395-303) which takes place in the evening (18:00 - 20:00) on dates set by City and Guilds , usually a week or so after the main body of the course. Please see below for examination dates.

In order to secure a place on this course you can either book online using the button below, or telephone the office to place a £150 deposit on your preferred course date.

Places will be limited to 16 per course.


  • The requirements for completing the safe isolation of electrical circuits and installations
  • The requirements for inspecting, testing and recording the condition of electrical installations
  • The requirements for completing the periodic inspection of electrical installations
  • The requirements of a periodic inspection and test
  • The requirements for testing circuits which have been placed in service and may require isolation
  • The requirements for testing energised installations
  • Understanding and interpreting test results
  • The requirements for the completion of electrical installation condition reports and associated documentation
  • How to confirm safety of system and equipment prior to inspection and testing
  • How to carry out inspection of electrical installations
  • How to test electrical installations which are in service
  • How to produce a Condition Report with recording observations and classifications


We strongly recommend that candidates have the City and Guilds 2382 prior to taking this course, though this is not a mandatory requirement.

Recommended books

We will be using Guidance Note 3 during the course. If you have your own copy, please do bring it with you as you will not be able to make notes in the loaned copy. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy from us on the day.


1. I'm dyslexic, can I have extra time in the exams?
Yes, but we will require evidence of need for our files. This can be a doctor's letter or a copy of an assessment report. Please let the office know of your requirements in good time, click here for more details.

2. English isn't my first language; can I have extra time in the exams?
You will be able to take a bilingual translation dictionary into the exam and if you have been resident in the UK for less than 2 years then you may also be able to have extra time. Click here for more details.