18th Edition – 1 day update course

1 day update course

The 18th Edition of ‘The Regs’ will be published on the 1st July 2018 as BS 7671: 2018 and will have a blue cover.

The new C&G qualification will be 2382-18. There will be no short ‘upgrade’ exam to convert from the current 2382-15 (yellow book) to the new 2382-18 (blue book) qualification since the awarding organisations  and JIB have stipulated that all candidates sitting the BS 7671: 2018 exam should be able to answer questions on all parts – not just the impact of the amendments.

So, if you are unfamiliar with BS 7671 this one-day update course is not for you and you should consider our full 3-day Regs course.

If you are very familiar with the 17th Edition (yellow book), have passed the 2382-15 exam recently and want to know more about the changes, then read on.

This one-day course will consist of a morning session covering the changes introduced by the 18th Edition. In the afternoon there will be practice questions followed by the full 60-question 2382-18 on-line exam.  Please note that this exam covers the entirety of BS 7671: 2018 and not just the up-dates. If successful you will be fully- qualified to the Regs 18th Edition.

If you do not wish to take the new exam, but would prefer to spend the morning learning about the changes introduced by the 18th Edition and leaving with a PTT course attendance certificate, then please click here.

Should you require further advice or information please contact us by telephone or email info@ptt-training.co.uk 

The 18th Edition is being published on 1 July 2018.  

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