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Lightning Protection Systems – Inspection & Testing

This EAL accredited 1 day course has been designed to provide an understanding of the lightning protection requirements of an installation in accordance with BS EN 62305.

The course starts with a description of how lightning occurs and the effects on persons, property and livestock. The theme continues with need for risk assessment for the protection from the effects of lightning. It continues with the requirements for the methods and procedures for the inspection and testing of Lightning Protection Systems.

Who should attend?

The 1 day course is aimed at those responsible for the inspection testing and maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems. The course is also suitable for engineers and technicians who have a need to know the risks to an electrical installation from the atmospheric disturbance created by lightning and how those risks maybe mitigated.

Training Methodology

The course is modular providing both theory and practical requirements of lightning protection of an electrical installation. During the course the inspection and test requirements will be discussed and demonstrated.

Course Content

  • Lightning
    • What is lightning
    • Lightning occurrence
    • The effects of lightning
  • Introduction to electrical safety
    • How is an electrical installation safe
    • What are the functional requirements
    • Introduction to earthing and bonding
  • Basic considerations BS EN 62305
    • What is BS EN 62305 and what does it cover
    • Risk assessments and their application
  • Protective systems
    • The earthing systems within an electrical installation
    • Earth termination using electrodes rod or tape
    • Functional earthing
    • Electrical disturbance protection by the use of functional earthing
    • Conductor sizes for earthing and bonding
    • Tables and calculations to obtain the conductor size
    • Mesh bonded networks
    • Surge protection
      • Propagation of a transient voltage
      • Using surge protectors
  • Earthing for lightning protection
    • The cage approach to lightning protection
    • Maintenance of an earthing system
    • Ideal earthing system
    • Maintenance to reduce disturbances
  • Initial and periodic inspection and testing
    • Initial verification of a lightning system
    • Periodic inspection and testing

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