Surge Protection


Free half-day Seminar on Surge Protection

25 October 2019 9 am – 12 noon


PTT is pleased to announce a free 1/2 day seminar on surge protection .  The seminar will be delivered by Dehn a world leading manufacturer of Surge Protection Devices.

Understand the requirements of Surge Protection as required by

  • BS7671 18th Edition 
  • Lightning Protection Systems as required by BS EN 62305

Surge Protection to the British Standard BS7671. 
Understanding BS7671 based on sections 443 and 534

Introduction to BS7671,18th edition section 443
¨ The sources of electrical disturbances of atmospheric and manmade origin
¨ The definition of insulation category and withstand voltages (Uw)
¨ The new CRL risk assessment to determine if SPDs are required
 BS7671, 18th edition section 534
¨ The application of surge protective devices to meet requirements of section 44
¨ The lightning protection zone concept (LPZ).
¨ The best practice of the installation of SPDs
¨ New definitions and parameters explained relating to surge protection devices
¨ Connection methods and the key points in selection of SPDs
¨ The critical parameters to a good installation and understanding technical

Surge Protection in Lightning Protection Systems to BS EN 62305-4
This section will expand on the requirements of BS7671

  • Protection of Electrical & Electronic Systems within structures
  • Further detail on Lightning protection zones within structures
  • Selection of SPDs for the protection of power and communication systems

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