Arc Fault Detection Devices

The 18th Edition of the Wiring regulations is proposing that some circuits may require the fitting of an Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD). In this blog we describe what an AFDD is and what it does. Conventional circuit breakers do not afford reliable protection against arc faults. That is because they are not designed to detect sudden dangerous arcs. They ensure protection against short circuits and overloads. And even if you are careful to keep cords out of harm’s way and to use only certified plugs and adapters, arc fault conditions may build up out of sight. In all homes…

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BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regs are on their Way

Steve Redpath of PTT gives an overview of the proposed changes. So, it’s true what you’ve heard, the 18th edition of BS7671 is coming and planned for release in July 2018. Just as you thought you had got the hang of the 17th edition ‘they’ go and issue an 18th edition. ‘It’s to make us buy a new ‘regs’ book and make more money for the IET!’ I hear you say. Well that is one way of looking at it, but inevitably technology moves on and therefore standards must evolve as technology and buildings evolve. In this blog, we will…

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Say goodbye to the 2394 and 2395… the 2391 is back

City and Guilds have this month re-launched the 2391 qualification – with a twist.  There are now three versions of the 2391, the 2391-50 Level 3 Award in Initial Verification, the 2391-51 Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection and the 2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing (combining both initial verification and periodic inspection elements).  At the end of August 2017, registrations for the 2394 and 2395 will close, although students will have a further year (until the end of August 2018) to complete their qualifications and still receive certificates. Why have C&G done this? Well, in a presentation…

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