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EMC for Electrical Installations and Systems


This course describes practical EMC engineering techniques for achieving reliable operation and regulatory compliance for installations (sometimes called systems), whether they are fixed or mobile.

Although the techniques are described using the example of an industrial site, they can be used equally effectively for everything that involves connecting two or more electrical or electronic units together with cables to construct systems or installations of any kind, fixed or mobile.


To provide practical grounding in the EMC techniques that developments in electronic technology have made important for reliability and regulatory compliance of systems and installations.

The practical techniques described here will help reduce project and financial risks when constructing systems and installations that involve electronics.

These techniques will also be of great value to electronic and mechanical product designers, to help them design sub-assemblies and products that can be assembled and installed without suffering from problems and unreliability. This will also help to reduce warranty costs, which can be a huge drain on profits.

Who should attend?

All electrical designers and their managers, in all industry areas, including:

Telecommunications (exchanges, networks, etc.)                     Radiocommunications (base stations)

Military (sites and vehicles)                                                           Medical and healthcare

Hotels and restaurants                                                                   Information Technology (IT)                              

Infrastructure (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, internet, etc.)

Extraction and refining (oil, gas, metals, minerals, mines, refineries, etc.)

Industrial (plants, instrumentation, control, etc.)

Entertainment (recording and broadcasting TV/audio studios, theatres, cinema, clubs, etc.)

Automotive (manufacturing, vehicles, etc.)                
Railway (stations and other fixed sites, vehicles, etc.)                             

Marine (harbours, port facilities, docks, container facilities, ships, etc.)

Aerospace (airports, launch sites, launch vehicles, air/space craft, etc.)   


Familiarity with the design of electrical and/or electronic systems or installations.

Plain English is used, with a small amount of very easy mathematics.          

Course Methodology

This course is presented classroom style using a PowerPoint slideshow containing practical illustrations of the techniques to aid understanding. Case studies that are relevant to the trainees will be included verbally.

Each attendee will be presented with either a bound copy of the PowerPoint slides used during the training, or as an electronic copy.

Copies of the textbook “EMC for Systems and Installations” (Newnes, 2000, ISBN 0-7506-4167-3) co-authored by Keith Armstrong and Tim Williams, can be provided at extra cost.

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1-day Good EMC engineering practices for Systems and Installations outline

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